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Running a business is very complex process and is often packed with huge amounts of stress. One day your business is doing pretty well, while the other day this can turn upside down and you can eventually lose everything. A bankruptcy is kind of a stick sharpened at both ends – it can kill your business but can also save you from a total devastation.

The condition of bankruptcy is the biggest blow to the running of any business and has plunged many a 21d72e07d85ae74d64e353695baab4d3businessmen into deep monetary trouble. Had it not been  for legal advancements made over time incorporating a huge amount of research, the occurrence of such condition could become irrevocable leading to disastrous results as has been the occurrence in the past.

Extensive legal studies and innovation involving careful categorization of the different cases have led to bankruptcy laws that provide debtors with not only an increased time of pay off but also the option of totally redeeming their lost financial condition. The laws and their categorization differ from country to country but are essentially aimed at easing the process of pay off on the part of debtors with the able mediation of a trustee.

In the present scenario, many options are available to debtors in US who file for bankruptcy in the court. However, every case is put through an evaluation test to categorize in the appropriate law as per the legislative requirement. The major chapters in the Bankruptcy Code are chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15. Once a case is filed the evaluation will be conducted by the court in order to decide the chapter that the case fits into and the regulations there in will be applied to the case. In the US, personal bankruptcy cases fall under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, while cases that are involving corporations and business enterprises go under Chapters 7 or 11.

Since Chapter 7 involves liquidation of the debtors assets by a trustee to his creditors, utmost importance is given to the evaluation of cases filing under this chapter. Therefore, any incidence of inappropriate behavior like concealing financial records cancels the registration of cases filed by such petitioners. The test employed to determine this is called the “Means Test” and on results that have been unfavorable, the cases are required to be converted under Chapter 13.

For favorable turn out of case proceedings it is imperative that the debtor employs the advanced services of able and thorough bankruptcy attorneys who specialize in the filing of petitions on behalf of the debtors. The role of a bankruptcy attorney is to ably justify the position of their clients and attain relief under any one of the chapters from the condition of bankruptcy.

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According to some experts, the key is, when having a bankruptcy problems, to have a good bankruptcy lawyer who can save you from the potential problems. Ensure yourself with hiring one of the best lawyers – it costs you in the beginning, but can help you a lot in a future. public relations for lawyers are very important for their feedback overall score, so that is the thing you should investigate when choosing a lawyer.

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